Warm Fuzzies

This week we have been doing warm fuzzies with 3/4H next door.  Warm fuzzies are nice things to say to people.

We made envelopes, wrote our names on them and decorated them all fancy with pencils and textas.  We have started writing warm fuzzies on pieces of paper.  We need to give them to Mrs Hazzledine or Mrs Andrews to check and put in the persons envelope.  We are trying to write a warm fuzzy for everyone in both grade 3/4 classes, and the teachers too!

Everybody loves warm fuzzies.

Sam, Samuel, Keanu and Morgandy

4 thoughts on “Warm Fuzzies

  1. I agree – everyone loves a warm fuzzy! I think you guys have written a terrific blog entry. An excellent piece of writing – well done 🙂

  2. Hi Im Paige,
    I think that its really cool how you have warm fuzzys.You know why my class has warm fuzzys,but our class actully has little fuzzy balls that we put in a vase and we only get them if our class gets a compliment.If we get a couple a lot or just one it adds on to time for Fun Friday Free Time


    • Paige,

      Thanks for visiting our blog. We love the idea of the warm fuzzy balls. We also have Fun Friday. We think Fun Friday is awesome!


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