What makes a good teacher?

At the start of the year our class has made a list of  “What makes a good Teacher?”.

Some of the words we think makes a good teacher are:

  • fun
  • nice
  • helpful
  • caring
  • listens
  • organised
  • gives us just the right work
  • keeps us safe
  • happy.
After we did the list we have made a poster of Mrs Hazzledine with the words on her.  Ha Ha naughty us!
Jazzmin, Mary, Taylah, Bethany, Alyssa

Track Tryouts!

Every Friday the Grade 3-6’s have sport.  The training coach, Mr O’Shannasy, trained the 12 year old first.  The next week he trained the 11 year olds, then the 10 year olds.  Next week he will train the 9 year olds.  Once Mr O has looked at all age groups he will pick the team.  When Mr O picks the team he’ll choose if your doing 800m running, 200m running, 70m running, 100 m running or the 80m hurdles.

If you are picked for Mr O’s team you will have to do lots of training.

Julia, Ronin and McLaren