Blogging Challenge

We would like to ask our visitors some questions.  We would appreciate it if you could answer the following questions.

1.  What year is your class in and how old are you?

2. Which country are you from?

3. How big is your school?

4. Do people in your class read Lexile books?

5. How many children do you have in your class?

6. What does your class like to do?

7. What topic are you learning about?

8. Have you started a project?

9. What is your favorite topic?

10. What is it like in your country?

11.  Is it hot or cold in your country at the moment?

12.   What is your favorite sport?

We would love to hear from you.  Please leave us a link to your class so we can visit you.

Thank you from the 23 students from 3/4B

Sea Creature Research








Our grade did some research on a few different types of sea creatures and animals on our laptops.

The animals we researched were coral reef, jellyfish, crabs, octopuses, shark and dolphins.

Here are some quick facts about a few of the sea animals:

  1. Sharks have no back bone.
  2. Octopuses have three hearts.
  3. Jellyfish hae no heads.

We all thought that doing research on sea animals was awsome!

Julia, Mary, Molang and Jesse