You Can Do It – Conflict Resolution


Conflict Resolution 1

Conflict Resolution 2

During our You Can Do It program the grade 3 and 4 students have been looking at a range of ways to resolve and or manage conflict.

Ways that we have looked at include:

  • Avoiding the conflict;
  • Asking for support;
  • Standing up for yourself;
  • Apologising;
  • Negotiating.

All of our students have been role playing a range of scenarios.  Above are three short videos which shows one groups conflict and two ways to resolve it.  Can you see which conflict management strategies that they have used?

5 thoughts on “You Can Do It – Conflict Resolution

  1. It is really great to see the students involved in acting out conflict resolution scenarios. What an excellent way to demonstrate and understand skills in conflict resolution. I cant wait to see more videos.

  2. Hi I am Taylah from 34b thank you for giving us a messege on the conflict video. Its so nice to hear what you have to say to us on the conflict video.

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