10 thoughts on “Our Class Avatars

  1. Hello!!!
    I had lots of fun choosing my avatar and I was just about to do a lego make your avatar but just ran out of time too bad I thought mine was funny. Insted I did a wimpy kid one I liked that too.:)Morgandy.}]

  2. Mrs Hazzledine,

    If you want to embed your YouTube video, go to the video, get the embed code – you can make changes like not have other videos on side etc. Then come back to the post and edit. Make sure you use the HTML tab for pasting in the code, then hit update.

    Let’s see if that works.

  3. Hello!!!
    I loved making the avatars I made a make your it your self wild self avatar it looked really cool and I made a lego self it lookes like a Clone of the star wars were bobafet is all grown up with a laser arm and at the end of the laser arm it glows. 🙂

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