Dreamer in the Deep

Today our whole school was lucky enough to watch a puppet show called “Dreamer in the Deep”.

Lily’s best part was when the seahorse appeared and when the seahorse met Dreamer (the main character).  She was wondering how the puppeteer moved the rod puppets so quickly.

Erica’s favorite part was when the seahorse met the sea dragon.  She wondered how the puppets moved.

Michael loved all of it.  He thought it was awesome and loved the glowing “stuff”.

Julia loved the puppet show and thought that the puppeteer very talented.  She has never seen anyone do something as amazing at that!

Mary loved then ending when Dreamer went to sleep peacefully.

Keanu loved it and also loved it when Dreamer went to sleep.

Bella thought the show was brilliant and loved it when Dreamer backflipped out of the boat.  She also loved it when the shark came.

Bethany also thought the show was brilliant.  Her favorite characters were the crab and Dreamer.  Bethany loved it when the shrimp sang and the crab played the musical instrument.  This was also Cameron’s favorite part of the puppet show.

Sam thought the puppet show was awesome and hopes it comes back next year.  His favorite part was when the shrimp sang and the crab played the musical instrument.

Jerell was amazed that the whole puppet show was done by one puppeteer.  His favorite part was when the boat sail hit Dreamer and Dreamer fell out of the boat.

McLaren thought that it was awsome how the pupeteer moved the characters.  His favorite part was the same as Jerell’s.

Samuel also liked the part when Dreamer got hit by the sails and fell out of the boat.

Jazzmin thought Dreamer in the Deep was great and loved when the seahorse got stuck in the cage by a big lion fish.  She also loved it when the eel got chased by a light bulb fish.

Antonio thought the show was fantastic.

Louise liked it when the seahorse got chased by the big fish.  She also liked watching the seahorses dancing.

Alyssa loved it when the eel got shocked by the big light buld fish.








10 thoughts on “Dreamer in the Deep

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    • No we don’t have a pet in our class not even a vitual one but now I’ve told my teacher she’s trying to figure out how to get one.Thank you for commenting on our blog, Sam 😀

  2. Hello I loved Dreamer In The Deep. My favourite part of Dreamer In The Deep was when the eel was scareed of the big light bulb fish and they started to chase one other it was soooo funny.


  3. I think that dreamer in the deep was really wicked I loveed it when the seahose was getting chased by the shark it was really funny!!!!!. 🙂

    By Jerell

  4. Hello

    The dreamer in the deep looked nice I wish I could watch it but I was away
    on that day :[ but the show looket pretty cool 🙂 and + hi every body 🙂


  5. Hi my favourite part of dreamer in the deep was wen dreamer fell off the boat. Then when the rock fish lit up. I liked the crab in the clam. I love dreamer in the deep.


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