Australia – Research and Postcards

This term our intergrated unit has been on Australia.  We have worked in groups and each group has researched one state or territory in Australia.  In our research we looked at our states flags, emblems, capital cities and landmarks.

We have also read the book “Meerkat mail” by Emily Gravett.

We all drew on our knowledge from our research plus what we had learned about postcards in the book “Meerkat mail” and wrote postcards, pretending we were visiting a place in Australia.

Taylah – year 3 wrote:

Dear Mum,

I am having the time of my life in the Northern Territory.

I am at Katheron George.  Next I am heading to the Devils Marbles.

I will come back on Sunday.

From Taylah


Two activities – one book

This week we have read “the dot” by Peter Reynolds.  After reading this book we looked at “inferring” and “connecting to the text”.

We know that when we infer we ask ourselves “What does the author want me to understand but hasn’t told me?”

Alyssa wrote “He has told me that I should believe in myself no matter what”.

Louise wrote “I think that the author wants me to know that if Vashti [the main character] can draw, then I can to.”

As a class we decided that the author was wanting us to know that we should believe in our self, try our hardest and persist in what we do.

The next day we read the “the dot” again, revisited what the author was wanting us to know, then drew on that to “connect with the text”, and write about a time when we have believed in our self, tried our hardest and persisted in what we did.

The day I learned to write my name.

When I was in kindergarten and I did a piece of art work the teacher asked me if I wanted to write my name?  I always said “yes”.  So she asked me if I needed help spelling Bethany and I said “no thank you”, but when I wrote my name I wrote “Bethy”.  I kept trying and trying but I couldn’t get it right.

But then, at home all by myself I sounded my name out real slowly.  I took my time with my writing and finally I wrote “Bethany”.

Bethany – Grade 3

The first day I rode my bike.

At first my Dad told me I was getting too old for my training wheels on my bike.  (I was about six).  Then the next day my Dad brought me a new bike without training wheels.  Dad took me out to the daycare and tried to teach me how to ride a bike.  After a few days (about three weeks practising) my dad ran and pushed me (Mum was there as well) and I started to ride my bike.  At first I didn’t know what was happening then I got the hang of it.  I did about five laps and mum kept cheering.  I felt 100% good.

Morgandy – Grade 3

Making inferences when reading and connecting to the text in our writing helps with our comprehension.