Caribbean Gardens

A couple of weeks ago all the grade 3/4 students went to the Caribbean Gardens.   Below is a report written by Julia explaining what can be found at the Caribban Gardens.

The Caribbean Gardens is a market and garden at Stud Road, Scoresby.

The Caribbean Gardens has a tank, playground, train, Japanese Garden, Café, Chairlift and more!! There is also some big cars and ladders to climb on (not real cars and ladders).

In the market there are stores that sell clothes, snap backs, slap bands, footy items and basketballs/footballs set on tables all around the market.

The Japanese Garden has a huge lily pond. It’s very beautiful. There is a mini fountain in the middle of the lily pond twisting around.

On the playground there are two hang gliders, a little high hideout, a ladder, and a slide.

There is also a tank to climb on. It has a missile shooter (it doesn’t work), a huge chain on a huge wheel, a porthole and others.



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