Food Research Projects

All the clever students in 3/4B have been busy researching a food.  First the students had to decide what food they wanted to research.  Then they had to come up with questions they wanted to find the answers to.  After they had these questions they began their research.  Some students looked at books and others gathered information off the internet.  Once they had found answers to their questions students either typed their questions and answers up into a word document or neatly hand wrote the information.  Once this was done they decided how to present their research, some chose to create posters while others made booklets.  Finally, each student had to present their research to the class while Mrs Hazzledine video’d them.  Below is a snippet of 6 student’s research presentation.  Hopefully you will enjoy watching it.


One thought on “Food Research Projects

  1. That sounds great! But what simple or specific quiestions are being asked? Also what sertain foods are you guys talking abuot? I really enjoy reading that blog of yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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