Skype call to South Carolina USA.

On Wednesday the 12th of December 2012, both

3/4 grades got together and skyped a after 

school care (study group is what it is called in 

America). We skyped them once but they didn’t

answer us the first time so the second time we

called them and they answered us. 🙂

They asked us a few questions like-

Whats your favourite food? Alot of people said

lollies but tey didn’t know what lollies were,

because in America they call it candy.

Another question they asked was-

Whats your favourite celebration?

People said Christmas, Birthdays, Easter and

some said Australian day. 🙂

Another question they asked was Whats your

favourite Christmas food?

Some people said turkey some said candy canes.

And one last question they asked was where do

you live?

We said Australia, Melbourne and Frankston. 😀

After a few question we started to talk about our

Christmas carols. We told them that we have ours

and asked is they had one they said they did 🙂

They sung us a song called Jingle bells and we

sung them our Christmas song, our class 3/4B had

to go first our song we sung was called Rocking

around the Christmas tree. The other 3/4 class

sung their Christmas song called when Santa

was a boy. They also clapped for us Hehe, 🙂

After that we ended the call and started our

Celebration Day ! 🙂











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