Nim’s Island Book Covers

After our Skype call with Wendy Orr yesterday, we have created our own book covers for Nim’s Island.  Wendy spoke to us about imagining how old Nim was and what she looked like.  She also told us there were a few different book covers for Nim’s Island from sales of the book around the world.  We decided to create our own.  Here is a selection of what some of us came up with.













Skyping Wendy Orr – Author of Nim’s Island

Today all the grade 3 and 4 students came into our Grade3/4 classroom for a very exciting event. We were going to meet and talk to a real author!

This term we have been reading Nim’s Island in class, and today we were lucky enough to Skype Wendy Orr the author of Nim’s Island and have a chat with her.

During our Skype call we discovered that Wendy originally got the idea for Nim’s Island from a story she started writing when she was in Grade 3! Her original story was about a girl who left an orphanage and went to live on an Island. Wendy has had to rewrite Nim’s Island about 14 times before it became the story we know it as now.

Wendy was very excited when she was approached to turn her book into a movie. She explained to us how when books get turned into movies some parts need to change a bit to make the movie exciting and to get across the message of the book. For example in Nim’s Island, Alex Rover the author, used to talk to herself, but in Nim’s Island the book, Alex Rover, the writer, had an imaginary friend, Alex Rover, the hero.

When the movie Nim’s Island was being made, Wendy loved meeting the seals who played Selkie in the movie. In fact Wendy’s favourite part of the movie is when Nim rides on Selkie’s back.

The sequel to Nim’s Island is called Nim at Sea. This book has also been turned into a movie called Return to Nim’s Island which will be out at the movies in April. Bindi Irwin plays Nim in this movie.

We cant wait to read Nim at Sea now, and Wendy Orr has become our favourite author!

We want to Skype our way around Australia

Our class just loves Skype.  Our teacher, Mrs Hazzledine has set us a challenge!  We are trying to Skype our way around Australia to help us to learn about our country, States, cities and environments.  If you would like to help us in our challenge please complete your details in the Google form below. If you are not from Australia but would like to Skype with us, we would love to Skype with you too!





Making Pancakes

On Friday we celebrated a belated Shrove Tuesday.  All of the grade 3/4 students got together and worked with Miss Smith in her Masterchef kitchen.  The students had to measure out, make, stir and cook their pancakes.  Some students pancakes ended up rather large!  Take a look at our pictures.

From Australia to Texas via Skype

Today grade 3/4B skyped Field Store Elementary school in Texas.  Lots of us thought it was really cool because it was like we were talking to the past because it was 9.45am on Wednesday here and over in America it was 4.45pm Tuesday.

They start school in between 8.00 and 8.30am and finish about 2.00pm.  We skyped them in their after school care, they were with their maths teacher Mr Nesloney.  Their school is much bigger than ours, they have 600 students, 70 staff and 2 playgrounds (they only have two because they are big).  They don’t wear school uniform.

They also call prep kindergarten.  They start of with 3, 4, and 5 year olds at pre-school (kinder), then move up to elementary school (primary school) after that middle school (year 6, 7, 8) then up to high school.

Have you ever used Skype before?

Sam C (gr 4)

Today we skyped a call in Texas called Field Store Elementary school.  They had 600 kids, 70 staff and two big playgrounds. It was 4.45pm on Tuesday in Texas and 9.45am on Wednesday for us here!  Their teachers name was Mr Nesloney.  They were having after school care.  Some of their Wildlife are deers, bears and armadillos.  They have kindergarten up to year 6.  They do not wear school uniform.  They sounded different to us.  It would have taken us about 3 or 4 days to get to America in an airplane.

Have you ever done a Skype call to America before?

Jade C (gr 4)

Today we Skyped Texas.  We first of all looked at the time.  It was 4.45pm on Tuesday, they are one day before us.  Then we got to know them.  They have two playgrounds and 70 staff.  I found out that Texas people say “y’all” and that Texas is across the ocean.

They were in year 5 and they have desktop computers.  Their school was called Field Store Elementary.  I hope we Skype them again.

What do you think about Skype?

Hannah M (gr 3)

Today 3/4B Skyped FSES.  They were in Texas.  When we Skyped them it was 9.45am Wednesday our time and it was 4.45pm their time.

They have 600 kids and 70 staff.  Also when we skyped them they were having an after school program.  They had two playgrounds.  Their teacher’s name was Mr Nesloney.  The animals they have were bears, deers, cows, sheep and armadillos.

One of the questions they asked were “What music do you listen to?”  I said “My favourite song was Turn up the Music, by Chris Brown”.

Please comment and have a nice day.

Keanu F (gr 4)

Today we Skyped Field Store Elementary and they were in grade 5.  They had 600 kids and they had 2 playgrounds.  We asked “what songs do you like?” and one of them said they like “Boo” and “One Direction”. …

…We were talking about how we have to watch out for kangaroos on the highway and they said they have to watch out for deers.

Kalani B (gr 3)

Our class had a skype call to Texas.  We all got to ask questions and we found out that their school has 600 kids and 70 staff.  Their school is called Field Store Elementary.  Their teacher’s name is Mr Nesloney.

They don’t wear school uniform like us.  They also don’t have Australia Day, of course, because they live in Texas.  This is what I didn’t know, I didn’t know they had grizzly bears.

What do you think?

Lily R (gr 4)

Mystery Skype Call

On Thursday 7 February we made a mystery skype call to another school.  We had to guess where they were from by asking closed questions that had a yes or a no answer.    We found out the school we were talking to were from Horsham West Primary School.

We asked them questions about their school and they asked us questions about our school.  We found out that at their school they had about 55 teachers, 8 playgrounds, and 550 students.  They had 24 classes.  Their school was a lot bigger than our school because we have 12 teachers, 3 playgrounds and and 195 kids.  We only have 9 classes.

We have decided to take photos of our schools and we will share them with each other.

We had loads of fun and hope to do another Mystery Skype again.

If you would like to have a Mystery Skype or a general  Skype with us please leave us a comment asking and our teacher will contact you to arrange it.

Have you ever done a Mystery Skype call before?






Paper Blogging


Last week we learned about what a blog looked like.  We learned about words like “Widgets” and “Vokis”.  We have been working on creating our own “Paper Blog”, while writing about something we did over the summer school holidays.  This activity required us to draft a piece of personal writing, edit it and type it.  We also had to design our blog’s appearance including drawing widgets down the sidebar.  After we “published” our blog we were able to comment on each others blogs.

What topics do you write about on your blogs?

What makes a good teacher? What makes a good student?

Last week 3/4B and 3/4S worked together to come up with a long list of what makes a good teacher and what makes a good student.

The top 10 for being a good teacher in the eyes of the students were:

  • Teacher
  • Fun
  • Organised
  • Plays games
  • Polite
  • Kind
  • Respectful
  • Qualified
  • Reliable












The top 10 for being a good student in their eyes were:

  • Give 100%
  • Listens
  • Makes eye contact
  • Puts hand up
  • Thinks big
  • Friendly
  • No back chat
  • does homework
  • Well mannered
  • Talks quietly