Mystery Skype Call

On Thursday 7 February we made a mystery skype call to another school.  We had to guess where they were from by asking closed questions that had a yes or a no answer.    We found out the school we were talking to were from Horsham West Primary School.

We asked them questions about their school and they asked us questions about our school.  We found out that at their school they had about 55 teachers, 8 playgrounds, and 550 students.  They had 24 classes.  Their school was a lot bigger than our school because we have 12 teachers, 3 playgrounds and and 195 kids.  We only have 9 classes.

We have decided to take photos of our schools and we will share them with each other.

We had loads of fun and hope to do another Mystery Skype again.

If you would like to have a Mystery Skype or a general  Skype with us please leave us a comment asking and our teacher will contact you to arrange it.

Have you ever done a Mystery Skype call before?






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