Skyping Wendy Orr – Author of Nim’s Island

Today all the grade 3 and 4 students came into our Grade3/4 classroom for a very exciting event. We were going to meet and talk to a real author!

This term we have been reading Nim’s Island in class, and today we were lucky enough to Skype Wendy Orr the author of Nim’s Island and have a chat with her.

During our Skype call we discovered that Wendy originally got the idea for Nim’s Island from a story she started writing when she was in Grade 3! Her original story was about a girl who left an orphanage and went to live on an Island. Wendy has had to rewrite Nim’s Island about 14 times before it became the story we know it as now.

Wendy was very excited when she was approached to turn her book into a movie. She explained to us how when books get turned into movies some parts need to change a bit to make the movie exciting and to get across the message of the book. For example in Nim’s Island, Alex Rover the author, used to talk to herself, but in Nim’s Island the book, Alex Rover, the writer, had an imaginary friend, Alex Rover, the hero.

When the movie Nim’s Island was being made, Wendy loved meeting the seals who played Selkie in the movie. In fact Wendy’s favourite part of the movie is when Nim rides on Selkie’s back.

The sequel to Nim’s Island is called Nim at Sea. This book has also been turned into a movie called Return to Nim’s Island which will be out at the movies in April. Bindi Irwin plays Nim in this movie.

We cant wait to read Nim at Sea now, and Wendy Orr has become our favourite author!