National Day of Action Against Bullying!!

Today we celebrated the National Day of Action Against Bullying.

The grade 3/4 students discussed what a bully is, and what it means to be a bystander.  We then made some flags to “SAY NO TO BULLYING”.  Here are some of the flags that were created.

Beach Day

“At the beach we went in the rockpools.  All the kids were getting wet beause they were in the water.  We found some sea animals and we made some animals out of sand.  We had playlunch and it was HOT AS so we had a drink of water.  I enjoyed the day at the beach because it was fun to be with my friends.  When we got back to school we had an icypole and I was cold.”


On Tuesday FEPS went to Canadian Bay in Mount Eliza.  We go there every year to explore rockpools.  We try to find creatures and plants like seaweed, crabs and starfish.  I foound my first crab, but I never said it was alive. The beach day a few weeks ago got cancelled from cold weather but yesterday it was 37 degrees.  It felt nice standing in the water for a couple of minutes.

After exploring for about an hour and 45 minutes, we went to have some playlunch, then we went back to the bus.  When we got back to school we were lucky to have icypoles.  But when I got home I had a bad headache.

Bethany Grade 4

Beach day was fun apart from getting sand in my shoes.  It was giving me blisters.  Anyway, I still loved it.  I saw lots and lots of sea snails and alive and dead crabs.  It was really hot!.  It felt slippery on the rocks.  I slipped on one of the rocks and splashed!!  All of my clothes got wet.  When we got back to school we got ICYPOLES!

Parris Grade 3

On Tuesday 12th of March FEPS went to Canadian Bay in Mt Eliza.  We left at 9.30 to go to the beach.  The weather was extremely hot

When we got to Canadian Bay we got organised and then walked over to the rock pools.  There were lots of rockpools.  There were lots of sea animals like crabs, starfish and little eels.

My favourite part was when Ben showed me a giant cab bigger than my palm.  It was as big as!

We also had recess at Canadian Bay.  Then after we finished our food we went back on the bus back to school.

When we were back at school we had icypoles.  It was so refreshing.  I had so much fun.

Keanu Grade 4

On the 12th of March at 9.30am we went to the rockpools at Canadian Bay in Mt Eliza and I found a live crab that almost bit me.  I also found a black sea snail.  When we got back to school we got an icypole. My favourite part of the day was finding a crab.

Riley Grade 3

On Tuesday 12th March the whole school went to the beach.  We went to Canadian Bay, Mount Eliza.  At the beach it was 35 degrees, it was really HOT!  We travelled by bus.

We looked for sea creatures, some of the sea creatures were crabs, sea stars, shells and sea snails.  The whole school had a lot of fun.  Some of us had a look at the different types of seaweed.  Most of us dug our feet in the sand but it was very hot.  We ran across the boiling hot sand and splashed our feet in the nice refreshing water.We stopped and had a break and had some snack.  Then we had to go back to school.  When we got back to school we watched Finding Nemo and had icy poles.  I had an orange one.  They were yummy.

Codie Grade 4

Basketball Clinic

On Thursday 28th February we had a basketball clinic.  The man who came to teach us was Chuck.  Chuck is a player for the Frankston Blues.  He came from 11.00 to 11.30 and played a few games with us.  The first game we played was a little bit weird, we had to stand in a circle and Chuck would throw the ball at us and if he said “drop it” we had to catch it and if he said “catch it” we had to drop it.  It was really hard but in the end we had our final two.  Our last two were Isobel and Jerell.  Chuck confused both of them but in the end we had our winner … Isobel.  After that we played another game.  Chuck called out 3 point line, half court, base line or side line and we had to run to them.  In the end Bethany and I were the last ones left and we were on the base line and Chuck called … BASE LINE.  I sprinted my butt off to the half court!!!

Sam Grade 4



Making hats out of Newspapers – Fun Friday

Today we had great fun creating hats out of old newspapers.  We all love Fun Friday!

What fun things do you do at school?