Basketball Clinic

On Thursday 28th February we had a basketball clinic.  The man who came to teach us was Chuck.  Chuck is a player for the Frankston Blues.  He came from 11.00 to 11.30 and played a few games with us.  The first game we played was a little bit weird, we had to stand in a circle and Chuck would throw the ball at us and if he said “drop it” we had to catch it and if he said “catch it” we had to drop it.  It was really hard but in the end we had our final two.  Our last two were Isobel and Jerell.  Chuck confused both of them but in the end we had our winner … Isobel.  After that we played another game.  Chuck called out 3 point line, half court, base line or side line and we had to run to them.  In the end Bethany and I were the last ones left and we were on the base line and Chuck called … BASE LINE.  I sprinted my butt off to the half court!!!

Sam Grade 4



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