Bubble blowing fun

On an exciting Friday 3/4B and 3/4S were experimenting with making bubble makers.  We used a range of different materials to make our bubble makers.  Some of the materials were:

  • string;
  • straws;
  • cups;
  • wool;
  • sticks; and
  • sticky tape.



















We all went outside to test our bubble makers.  The bubble makers with a cup on the end worked well.  So did the bubble makers with straws.

We found out that the bought bubble mixture was sticky and made good bubbles.  The bubble mixture we made was not as sticky and the bubbles popped.



3/4 B’s holidays

3/4B have just got back from school holidays.   The school holidays went from 28th of March to 14th of April.  The reason why we finished on Thursday was because the next day was Good Friday.

At the start of the school holidays it was Easter.  We all enjoyed Easter and Easter Bunny found us!  Most of us even had an Easter egg hunt and we found a lot of Easter eggs.

Some of the activities we did during the holidays were:

  • visiting family;
  • played video games;
  • celebrated our birthdays;
  • went to the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground);
  • went to the circus;
  • going to the movies to see The Croods, Jurassic Park and Oz the Great and Powerful;
  • visiting family in other places.

We all had a fantastic time.