The class gets super – iMovie Making

da da da da dah …. 3/4B are making super student movie trailers about Superheroes.  The app on the iPads we are using to make the movie trailers is iMovie. 

Firstly our groups had to plan our iMovie, then we went outside to start filming it.  Some of the actors have been showing their super powers by kicking, punching, running, flipping and flying all over the place.  Everyone has been doing super with their movies.

Watch this space … movie trailers coming to a blog near you ….

19 thoughts on “The class gets super – iMovie Making

  1. Mine and Isabel’s and Jackie’s iMovie is funny and was the director!! Jackie was a hero and Isabel was a hero! Everyone has finshed! Making them was really fun, I wish we could do them again!!

  2. Hi Mrs Hazzledine and Mrs Tapplen

    this is the first time I have done a comment.
    At this school you two are my favourite teachers.

    The’s are some things about you
    .your sweet
    .your not mean to me
    .caring and
    you laddies are the best

    Please don’t be mean to me unless I’m naughty ok
    buy from codie-anne (: look side ways you will see what the picture is I’m going to go buy

    • Dear Mrs Schepisi,

      3/4B had a fantastic time making our iMovies. We have had a bit of trouble uploading them for the world to see. If we manage to work out our technical troubles we will upload them and let you know.

      How are those wonderful grade 1’s? Are you doing anything interesting in your classroom?

      3/4B and Mrs Hazzledine (aka your big sis! 🙂 <3 )

  3. Can’t wait to see your movies.

    I know you have all put in heaps of work into making them.

    I’m sure they will be very entertaining 🙂

  4. HAY, How is you ,
    Just a question about 2 things.
    1 are we going to whatch our I movies and 2 my skooville account is lite or something what does that mean??

    JADE from 3/4B xx

    • Hi Jade,

      You can watch the iMovie on our iPads. We are having trouble uploading them to You Tube. In relation to Skoodle, we now have lite accounts as the subscription is no longer free for year 3 and 4 students. If you would like to have a full supscription again it will cost you $5 or $10 (I cant remember which). Let me know if you would like me to arrange it for you, and you will have to bring in the money!

      Mrs Hazzledine

  5. Next I want to do one called ‘retro’ beacause I have watched the example traler on the iPads and it looks really good and it would be really fun to do another one next term!

  6. I love this communication because I live in the country and now can keep up with what is happening at Feps. In am looking forward to seeing the imovies.

  7. Hi,
    That was my grandma she likes the putting on the hits video on youtube!!
    Also can you please give me some set tasks on Mathletics!! 🙂 :{)

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