On Friday the 20th of February Frankston East Primary School went to the beach called Canadian Bay. Each class left at different times, my class 3/4B left about 9 30am.

When it was time to go everyone was so excited. When we got outside, the bus was waiting for us. I sat near the back next to Matilda.

It took ages to get there, well for me. We finally got there. When   I   got out I could see my sister waving at me so I waved back.

We had to walk to the actual rock pools but when I saw the rocks Matilda and I went rushing to the rocks. It took a while to find some crabs but finally we found a crab.

Then it was recess I sat on the steps near Matilda. Then it was time to make sand sculptures. In my group was Matilda, Lilly and mine and Matilda’s sisters.

By Carla


On Friday the 20/2/2015 we went to Canadian Bay Mt Eliza. We left around 9.30ish. Our grade went on the school bus.

When we arrived at the rock pools we found sea stars, crabs and sea urchins.

After that we made sand castles, Ky and two other people won it. Then we ate recess, then went back to school.

I felt happy at the beach. I liked finding the sea stars, crabs and the sea urchins. I didn’t like it when we left the beach.

This was the best time ever.

By Scott


On Friday the 20th February 2015 we went to Canadian Bay beach  at Mt Eliza. We went on a bus. The whole school went there at 9:30 am.

When we got there the teachers told us some rules. Then we went into the rock pools. There were three rock pools that we could go into and look for crabs and starfish. I went with Tatiana and her little sister Tanisha.

When we came back from the rock pools we ate our snack. I sat next to Tatiana I had popcorn water and an apple.

After snack we did a sand castle competition. Some other people and I didn’t join in. Ky and some other people in the group won. Tatiana and I watched Monique and Cadence and Tatiana’s little sister.

I had fun at the beach and I’m sure other people did as well. The prize for winning the sand castle competition was playing the x box 360.

By Matthew


On Friday 20th of February the whole school (Frankston East Primary School) went to Canadian Bay beach in Mt Eliza. We left school at about 9:30ish on a bus and it took a little while longer than I thought it would take.

When we got there we all went looking for crabs, starfish and other animals that live in rock pools. I had a bucket and I found lots of crabs and a few starfish.

After that we had recces. I ate a packet of twisties and sat up on the steps.

Once we had all finished eating we did a sandcastle competition. Carla, Lilly and I made a rainbow fish. Carla’s sister Shanell got some pretty looking rocks for scales but Ky, Antonio, Molang, Jordan and Lani won.

I really liked beach day this year!!!! My favourite thing was finding crabs.

By Matilda


On Friday 20th February 2015 Frankston East Primary School went to a beach called Canadian Bay in Mt Eliza. We left at about 9.30am and the whole school went. Our transportation was a bus.

When we got there we had to put our basket full of snacks down somewhere. Then we went straight to the rock pools. I was walking with my friend Gabby. We found crabs and sea stars. Gabby found a medium and small crabs. I found a big sea star, a tiny one, and the rest were just medium and small.

For snack I had twisties, an apple, and that’s all I remember. We all had to sit while eating. I was sitting with Blake, Akilesh, Scott and Mellony. We were sitting near Mrs Hazzledine and the snack basket.

At the end I felt happy, tired and exhausted. My favourite part of the day was when Gabby accidently stepped in a big puddle because she wasn’t looking were she was going.

By Chinta


On Friday 20th February 2015 we went to Canadian Bay or you can call it Mt Eliza Beach.   Almost most of the whole of Frankston East Primary School went. We went on the bus. We left 9:30’ish.

When we arrived we walked all the to the rock pools.   Blake, Jed, Mac, Steven and I helped to find sea creatures.

Blake brought the containers then we could put sea creatures the inside. We started to find the sea creatures. We got some crabs and a few big starfish but lots of tiny starfish.

We found sea snails and shells we didn’t find many crabs. Then we went back to recces. I had some apples and leftover lollies. Then we had the sand castle competition. Jed and I made an octopus. People kept on destroying it. We had a wall around and a castle around it. Then before we went back to school they destroyed it totally.

I had fun at the beach. Except when our octopus was destroyed. But it was great!!!! Especially when we had icy poles. I can’t wait to go next year.

By Akilesh


On Friday the 20th of February 2015 the whole of Frankston East Primary School went Canadian Bay for beach day.

When we got there by the bus we set up our lunch and went straight to the rock pools to find crabs starfish and other sea creatures. Then we came back and ate our recess. While we were eating Mr O said, “Whoever wants to join a sandcastle competition come over here.” I didn’t join the sandcastle competition.

In the end I ended up watching Brian make a fish. I felt excited.

By Jack


The whole school went to Canadian Bay Beach on Friday.

When I was in the rock pool I saw a spider crab. I held it and put it back. It had really big legs. I loved that creature.

When we were done all of us had a snack and they were delicious. When Cathy dropped her mango I decided to give her one of my cheese sticks.

We saw kids building sand castles like big ones and small ones. They were so cool.

Going to the beach made me happy because I love the beach.

By Darci