Drumming Incursion

On the 11th of March the whole school had a drumming incursion. We had the drumming incursion in the music room.

First we had to sit on a chair and there was a drum in front of us. The person who was teaching us was Tim.

Tim had these drums and they were called djembes and Ken Kenny. When we put our hand on the drum, Tim would do a beat and vibrations would go through the drum.

Tim was singing an African song and there was cool actions in the song.IMG_0265

Tim was teaching us to keep the beat like he was saying da da so you can do the beat on your drum.

Finally we were just like doing these cool kinds of beats. The company that Tim was from was called Inrhythm.

By Tatiana


On Wednesday 11th of March, FEPS had a drumming incursion. Not just an ordinary drumming incursion, an African drumming incursion.

We sang a song while we were drumming. But I forgot the sounds. What I mean by sounds is that there were no words just things like la la and da da.IMG_0266

Our class teacher Mrs Hazzledine said she could hear us from our classroom to the music room .

It was really funny when Tim finished his song thing, we all did a thing where we punched the air. It was really fun.

It was the best!

By Ky


On the 11th March the school had a drumming lesson. The lesson started from 9am in the morning till 10.25am. I wanted to know what king of drumming lesson it was. We had to bring our chair to the music room.

In the music room I met Tim, he was in front of a set of drums. We sat in front of a djembe. Tim said we are doing African drumming in the lesson. Tim was from Inrhythm. Inrhythm is a company. Tim had a drum called Ken Kenny.

Next we learnt how to play different rhythms on our drums. Tim told us that we had to look at the Ken Kenny to know what rhythm to do. So we copied the beat.IMG_0267

After that Tim told us how to hold the drum. The trick was to let some air into the drum to have a good sound.

The last part of the lesson was doing a song about people who had finished harvesting and they were celebrating. The students had to do a dance. Clap, clap, push, push, they were the moves.

By Lilly


On Wednesday the 11th March, 3/4B and 3/4S had an African drumming incursion. The drumming teachers name was Tim.

When Tim was drumming and we weren’t, we could all feel the vibrations through the floor. It felt weird.

In the middle of it he sang all of us an African song and we all thought it was a weird song. None of us liked it.

We were all clicking, clapping, singing and slapping our legs and knees. Tim was from Inrhythm. We loved it. At the end all of our hands were really sore.

My time to say good bye, see you later everybody.IMG_0276

By Mellony

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