Music – Body Percussion

This term 3/4B has been learning about body percussion in music.  Today we got to perform in our groups our own rhythms.


I had to do clapping, stomping, clicking and more  to make a beat with my group. IMG_0292

The people in my group were Blake, Owen, Grace and me.





The kids in my group were Kayden, Carla, Matilda and me.  Mr Marsh wanted us to do our own group performances.  We stomped, thigh slapped, clapped and chest slapped.

It was hard because you had to remember it and stay in rhythm.IMG_0283


Mr Marsh recorded us doing our body percussion.

Jessie was the leader, Mellony was the counting person to keep us in time, Chinta was the scared one and Isaac forgot his rhythm.

I thought it was brilliant fun!IMG_0286





The people in my group were Akilesh, Jake, Cassidy and me.

We had to do body percussion stuff like clapping, stomping, clicking and pucking in time.  IMG_0293

Mr Marsh helped us work out our rhythms.  Then he recorded us doing our performance.

It was fantastic!



Matthew, Lilly, Tatiana and me were in a body percussion group together.

We had to stand up in front of the class and perform our own beat.

I stomped, Tatiana clicked her fingers and stomped, Matthew stomped and clapped, and Lilly pucked and stomped.

It was hard because we didn’t practice enough.IMG_0297

It was pretty fun!






Today in music we got to perform our body percussion in front of Mr Marsh and our class  It was pretty scary, but we did it any way.

We had some solos in ours. IMG_0284

The kids in my group were Ky, Scott and Darci.

I think we did pretty good.

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