The H Team

I liked the part when they were teleported and the part when Kenny asked for a burger.

By Owen



The whole school watched a Brainstorm Production, it was about people getting fat. The H Team had to stop them from getting fat.

By Kobey



The H Team

It was about The H Team they were trying to get back to the H Zone. They were heroes. I loved the show, it was soooo cool.

By Darci



Brainstorm Productions

On Tuesday 12th May 2015, we saw Brain Storm Productions! They did a play called “The H Team”, it was about a boy named Cal and he got sucked into a sad boy, named Kenny’s body. Mindy went into the Danger Zone to try and save Cal!!! It was full of dancing and singing. The message was don’t eat junk food and if you put the energy in you have to get it out. In the end they saved Cal and went back home.

By Matilda



Brainstorm Productions “The H Team”

On the 12th May the whole school went to the hall for the Brain Storm Productions show. The show was about keeping fit and healthy. The characters in the show were Cal and Mindy.

By Jack


Brainstorm Productions “The H Team”

This year Brainstorm was about the H Zone and keeping fit and healthy. The whole school went into the hall. The main characters were Mindy and Cal. Cal got sucked into the Danger Zone and Mindy had to help him. Cal got sucked into a boy named Kenny. Kenny ate lots of fat and lots of fat isn’t good for your body. I loved Brainstorm! I can’t wait for next year!

By Jessie



H Team

The things I remember from the Brainstorm Production.

The songs

The H Teams clothes

The background


Helping each other

The people

All the working out

Sound of the giant

The part where they were teleported

By Mellony


On Tuesday 12th May the whole school went to the Brainstorm Production. It was a fun day because the girl zapped the boy into the portal.

The message was to not get fat and to stay healthy.

By Mac




At Brainstorm they talked about health and staying in the H Zone. There was a funny song and it went like this, “I want a mega bugy burger.” There was a boy named Kenny and he was a weird kid. There were only 2 people doing the whole show. I wish I could see it again, it was funny, embarrassing and a bit boring but I still liked it. There was a boy named Cal and a girl called Mindy.

By Chloe



Brainstorm/H Team

On the 12th of May the Brainstorm people performed the H Team for the whole school. It was about a captain in the H Team. He owned the place call the H Zone. There was a girl who hated the H Zone and she explained why and said “The H Zone sucks. We have the same nature boost, the same orders and the same ordinary people every day.” She didn’t like it. They accidentally went to Australia. They had some problem, but fixed it. When they went back they were captains of the H Zone.

By Lilly


Brainstorm Productions the H Team

The message was to be kind and to not eat junk food. There were 2 people who were acting as the characters. The boy was acting as 3 characters and the girl was acting as 2 characters. I think that Brainstorm Productions was excellent. I’ll give it 100 out of 100. It was the best day of my life.

By Cassidy


Brainstorm – The H Team

On Tuesday at FEPS the whole school went to the Brainstorm Production. It was ok, it was a bit babyish. They sang a song and it’s stuck in my head. The message was to not sit inside all day and eat junk food and go on the internet and be careful.

By Matthew



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