A selection of acrostic poems from 3/4B


Bunk beds were warm.

Rain was soooo wet.

I was having lots of fun.

A lot of food.

Races were hard work.

Shhhh went the teachers at night.

By Emma

Briars is sooooooo cool!

Recreate your wonderful camp dreams!

Ice-cream – there’s ice-cream?

Awesome fox free night walk!

Rec-room is where the disco was!

Super fun, book now!

By Blake


Brilliant Briars has beautiful bunk beds.

Rabbits came out on the night walk but we didn’t see any.

I wish I could go back to the Briars.

At Briars it was awesome!

Rain poured and we got all wet.

Sometimes we played a game.

By Jessie


Briars was beautiful.

Running was fun at camp.

It was amazing at camp.

At camp we played a lot of games.

Rabbits went to camp but I didn’t see them.

Some people went to sleep when we had the disco.

By Grace


Brett was part of the staff at Briars.

Rain made the dirt turn into mud.

I got very wet in the rain when I was doing push carts.

A lot of lollies at the disco.

Ropes were all over the low ropes course.

Sam snored in bed at night and we couldn’t go to sleep.

By Jack


Best camp in the whole wide world!

Rec room was where we danced all night!

It’s so great because it’s fun and positive!

Amazing interesting games and activities!

Really good and fun night walk!

Seeing all different types of wildlife!

By Carla


Briars camp was brilliant.

Remarkable rain doesn’t ruin our fun.

I thought all the activities were awesome.

Aiming at the target at archery was hard.

Rainy times is what we had.

Some people snored all night.

By Chinta

Boring did not exist!

Rain came and I got wet!!

I had lots of fun on the giant swing!!!

Archery was easy and exciting!!!!

Racing the push carts was awesome!!!!!

Staying up all night when the teachers were asleep is what I did!!!!!!

By Matilda

Bunk beds were good.

Rain did not stop us.

I had lots of fun.

Archery was so fun.

Roast beef was great.


By Owen

Bunk beds were brilliant.

Rain did not stop us.

I had lots of fun.

A lot of activities.

Rec room where we danced at the disco.

Sunshine was beautiful in the morning.

By Darci





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