In 3/4B we have been investigating 2D shapes. 

We worked in groups and made posters about our shape. 

We learnt about faces, corners, vertices, angles, polygons, regular and irregular shapes and much more.


Blake, Owen and Scott researched hexagons.

Did you know that inside of a beehive are little hexagon shapes!


Akilesh and Maurice investigated an octagon.

Did you know that umbrellas are in the shape of an octagon!


Matilda, Tatiana and Darci learnt about heptagons.

A heptagon has a Latin prefix – hepta meaning 7 and the Greek suffix gon meaning angle!


Kobey and Kayden investigate squares.

4 edges, 4 points, 4 angles and is a polygon, amazing!


Jake, Ky, Jack and Mac researched a pentagon.

A pentagon is a five sided shape.  Did you know there is a building in America called the Pentagon because it is shaped like a pentagon!


Carla, Jessie and Matthew learnt about nonagons.

Nonagons have 9 sides and can be regular or irregular!



Lilly, Cassidy and Grace discovered information on decagons.

A decagon has 10 sides, 10 corners, 10 edges and 10 angles!


Chinta, Hope, Emma and Mellony learnt about the triangle.

Tri from the start of the word means three and angle the other part means the side, three sided polygon.


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