About Us

We are 3/4B for BEST!

We are boys and girls.

We are sons and daughters.

We are students and friends.

We are great teachers and students.

We are all Australian however we are multicultural and come from Nigeria, Sudan, Scotland, Bosnia, Greece, Netherlands, England, New Zealand and  Malaysia.

We are sporty, smart and great.

We are hardworking.

We are mathematical, we love English and science.

We love technology and using ICT skills.

We are independent learners completing work which is just right for us.

We love music – the band and choir.

We are creative and artistic.

We are loving and caring and all get along.

We all like different activites and are individuals.

11 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Oh WOW!! What a fantastic page about your class. I love the technology and ICT skills – so important in this world of smartphones, iPods and iPads etc.

    Would you mind visiting Em’s blog – the first one in the student participants – as she wants visitors to vote for which picture she should use on her about page?

  2. Dear 3/4Bs,
    It is fun to read about Australian students and find out how similar my grade 3 class is to yours even though we live many thousands of kilometres away.
    Students in my class are also sporty, friendly, smart, hardworking, mathematical, creative, artistic and love using their ITC skills.
    One big difference is we all come from just one country – Canada. We have ancestors from many different countries and enjoy learning about those countries through global projects.
    Enjoy your next blogging challenge.
    ~Ms. Bulger

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  4. Hello,

    I am a little late for the student blogging challenge and i just wanted to know if it’s to late?
    It was my birthday on the 9th and i wasnt on !!!

    What do I do now?

    From Sabastian

    • Hi Sabastian,

      You haven’t left your blog page address, but if you are the Sabastian I visited today on your blog, saying I was your mentor for the challenge, then you are registered for the challenge already.

      Mrs Hazzledine

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