3/4B are published authors!

During term 3, 3/4B have been planning, drafting, researching, editing, illustrating and publishing picture story books for bookweek. Each book has been professionally published by Hazzledine Publishing at Frankston East Primary School.  I am extremely proud of all of my students and the amazing hard work and dedication they have put into finishing these amazing stories.  Well done 3/4B!!

Here are some comments from our Authors about how they feel now they have published a book.

Michael Year 3 – Book title: The Plane
It feels fantastic to be an author but it was really hard. I am really proud of myself.

Morgandy Year 3 – Book Title: Diamond Business
I am a proud author because I have finished my picture story book. I am also a little nervous if the audience does not like my book.

McLaren Year 4 – Book Title: You are in the Wrong Story
Being an author is a big thing, and a lifetime opportunity for a kid. It is a lot of work with ups and downs.

Louise Year 3 – Book Title: Polly’s Diary – The Lost Diary
I feel happy to be an author because this is the first time I have published a book. I think when I grow up I will make more books and become a proper author.

Cameron Year 3 – Book Title: Going to the Bowling ally
I feel excited that I’m an author.

Alyssa Year 4 – Book Title: Dare or Truth
It feels great to be a published author because it is such a high achievement for me.  It is also a bit nerve wrecking but it is such an honour.

Ronin Year 4 – Book Title: ALF Vic’s versus All Stars
It feels great to be a author.  It is hard work to make a book.

Bethany Year 3 – Book Title: Jurky Journal of a lousy chimp.
I feel proud of the book I wrote and illustrated.  I was excited to see what everyone else thought.

Keanu Year 3 – Book Title: Basketball Story
It feels great to be an author because you could be famous.  You could gets lots of money by selling books.

Louise Year 3 – Book Title: Polly’s Diary – The Lost Diary
I feel happy to be an author because this is the first time I have published a book. I think when I grow up I will make more books and become a proper author.

Food Research Projects

All the clever students in 3/4B have been busy researching a food.  First the students had to decide what food they wanted to research.  Then they had to come up with questions they wanted to find the answers to.  After they had these questions they began their research.  Some students looked at books and others gathered information off the internet.  Once they had found answers to their questions students either typed their questions and answers up into a word document or neatly hand wrote the information.  Once this was done they decided how to present their research, some chose to create posters while others made booklets.  Finally, each student had to present their research to the class while Mrs Hazzledine video’d them.  Below is a snippet of 6 student’s research presentation.  Hopefully you will enjoy watching it.


Healthy Food Facts – From reading to poster!

Grade 3/4B are looking at healthy food.

During literacy on Tuesday we read “Good to Eat” in groups.




We looked at facts in the book about Water, Vitamins and Minerals, Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat.  Once we had read the book we needed to find and write the facts down in our own words.


After our drafts were checked we wrote our facts neatly and created a poster.


Our posters needed healthy bodies.


We are all proud of our posters!!


Caribbean Gardens

A couple of weeks ago all the grade 3/4 students went to the Caribbean Gardens.   Below is a report written by Julia explaining what can be found at the Caribban Gardens.

The Caribbean Gardens is a market and garden at Stud Road, Scoresby.

The Caribbean Gardens has a tank, playground, train, Japanese Garden, Café, Chairlift and more!! There is also some big cars and ladders to climb on (not real cars and ladders).

In the market there are stores that sell clothes, snap backs, slap bands, footy items and basketballs/footballs set on tables all around the market.

The Japanese Garden has a huge lily pond. It’s very beautiful. There is a mini fountain in the middle of the lily pond twisting around.

On the playground there are two hang gliders, a little high hideout, a ladder, and a slide.

There is also a tank to climb on. It has a missile shooter (it doesn’t work), a huge chain on a huge wheel, a porthole and others.



Superclubs – Mystery HotSeat


Yesterday we had the chance to talk to two footy players on Superclubs.  They were Jordan and Stephan from the Melbourne footy club.

We got our books and got to work writing GOOD questions for the players.  Then when our 15 minutes ended we went down on the floor and Mrs Hazzledine told us to stand up.  So we did and we played a game!  We had our books in our hands then we had to pick a person to tell a question for Mrs Hazzledine to write on the board.  If all our questions were asked, or we asked a question that had been asked already we had to sit down.

We ended up with twenty questions.  Mrs Hazzledine posted them onto the hot seat because we were in PE during the Hot Seat time.

Below are the questions we posted which were answered:



17 Apr 12 13:19

Are you allowed to eat any junk food?


Jordan & Stefan
Stefan – Day before a game I eat pasta or rice, and
every other day I eat meat and vegies.
Jordan – I’m pretty much the same at Stefan.



17 Apr 12 13:13

If you weren’t a footy player what would you like to be?


Jordan & Stefan
Stefan – Basketball player.Jordan – Rock star




17 Apr 12 13:12

If you had to change teams whose team would you be on?


Jordan & Stefan
Stefan – I don’t think I will change teams. I would
love to stay at Melbourne for the rest of my career.



17 Apr 12 13:11

Is it true that footballers sit in a bath of ice?


Jordan & Stefan
Stefan – Everyday we have to for 6
minutes, I don’t really like that




17 Apr 12 13:10

Have you ever been injured and needed an operation?


Jordan & Stefan
Stefan – Hip operation (ouch)
Jordan – Two disk bulges



17 Apr 12 13:11

What do you do in your spare time?


Jordan & Stefan
Stefan – Sleep. I’m looking for a house right now
so that takes up a lot of time. I like to ride my
bike and read.
Jordan – I do complicated math problems.


Thank you Grace and Erica for providing this information for our blog page.






Australia – Research and Postcards

This term our intergrated unit has been on Australia.  We have worked in groups and each group has researched one state or territory in Australia.  In our research we looked at our states flags, emblems, capital cities and landmarks.

We have also read the book “Meerkat mail” by Emily Gravett.

We all drew on our knowledge from our research plus what we had learned about postcards in the book “Meerkat mail” and wrote postcards, pretending we were visiting a place in Australia.

Taylah – year 3 wrote:

Dear Mum,

I am having the time of my life in the Northern Territory.

I am at Katheron George.  Next I am heading to the Devils Marbles.

I will come back on Sunday.

From Taylah


Two activities – one book

This week we have read “the dot” by Peter Reynolds.  After reading this book we looked at “inferring” and “connecting to the text”.

We know that when we infer we ask ourselves “What does the author want me to understand but hasn’t told me?”

Alyssa wrote “He has told me that I should believe in myself no matter what”.

Louise wrote “I think that the author wants me to know that if Vashti [the main character] can draw, then I can to.”

As a class we decided that the author was wanting us to know that we should believe in our self, try our hardest and persist in what we do.

The next day we read the “the dot” again, revisited what the author was wanting us to know, then drew on that to “connect with the text”, and write about a time when we have believed in our self, tried our hardest and persisted in what we did.

The day I learned to write my name.

When I was in kindergarten and I did a piece of art work the teacher asked me if I wanted to write my name?  I always said “yes”.  So she asked me if I needed help spelling Bethany and I said “no thank you”, but when I wrote my name I wrote “Bethy”.  I kept trying and trying but I couldn’t get it right.

But then, at home all by myself I sounded my name out real slowly.  I took my time with my writing and finally I wrote “Bethany”.

Bethany – Grade 3

The first day I rode my bike.

At first my Dad told me I was getting too old for my training wheels on my bike.  (I was about six).  Then the next day my Dad brought me a new bike without training wheels.  Dad took me out to the daycare and tried to teach me how to ride a bike.  After a few days (about three weeks practising) my dad ran and pushed me (Mum was there as well) and I started to ride my bike.  At first I didn’t know what was happening then I got the hang of it.  I did about five laps and mum kept cheering.  I felt 100% good.

Morgandy – Grade 3

Making inferences when reading and connecting to the text in our writing helps with our comprehension.