Music – Body Percussion

This term 3/4B has been learning about body percussion in music.  Today we got to perform in our groups our own rhythms.


I had to do clapping, stomping, clicking and more  to make a beat with my group. IMG_0292

The people in my group were Blake, Owen, Grace and me.





The kids in my group were Kayden, Carla, Matilda and me.  Mr Marsh wanted us to do our own group performances.  We stomped, thigh slapped, clapped and chest slapped.

It was hard because you had to remember it and stay in rhythm.IMG_0283


Mr Marsh recorded us doing our body percussion.

Jessie was the leader, Mellony was the counting person to keep us in time, Chinta was the scared one and Isaac forgot his rhythm.

I thought it was brilliant fun!IMG_0286





The people in my group were Akilesh, Jake, Cassidy and me.

We had to do body percussion stuff like clapping, stomping, clicking and pucking in time.  IMG_0293

Mr Marsh helped us work out our rhythms.  Then he recorded us doing our performance.

It was fantastic!



Matthew, Lilly, Tatiana and me were in a body percussion group together.

We had to stand up in front of the class and perform our own beat.

I stomped, Tatiana clicked her fingers and stomped, Matthew stomped and clapped, and Lilly pucked and stomped.

It was hard because we didn’t practice enough.IMG_0297

It was pretty fun!






Today in music we got to perform our body percussion in front of Mr Marsh and our class  It was pretty scary, but we did it any way.

We had some solos in ours. IMG_0284

The kids in my group were Ky, Scott and Darci.

I think we did pretty good.

Drumming Incursion

On the 11th of March the whole school had a drumming incursion. We had the drumming incursion in the music room.

First we had to sit on a chair and there was a drum in front of us. The person who was teaching us was Tim.

Tim had these drums and they were called djembes and Ken Kenny. When we put our hand on the drum, Tim would do a beat and vibrations would go through the drum.

Tim was singing an African song and there was cool actions in the song.IMG_0265

Tim was teaching us to keep the beat like he was saying da da so you can do the beat on your drum.

Finally we were just like doing these cool kinds of beats. The company that Tim was from was called Inrhythm.

By Tatiana


On Wednesday 11th of March, FEPS had a drumming incursion. Not just an ordinary drumming incursion, an African drumming incursion.

We sang a song while we were drumming. But I forgot the sounds. What I mean by sounds is that there were no words just things like la la and da da.IMG_0266

Our class teacher Mrs Hazzledine said she could hear us from our classroom to the music room .

It was really funny when Tim finished his song thing, we all did a thing where we punched the air. It was really fun.

It was the best!

By Ky


On the 11th March the school had a drumming lesson. The lesson started from 9am in the morning till 10.25am. I wanted to know what king of drumming lesson it was. We had to bring our chair to the music room.

In the music room I met Tim, he was in front of a set of drums. We sat in front of a djembe. Tim said we are doing African drumming in the lesson. Tim was from Inrhythm. Inrhythm is a company. Tim had a drum called Ken Kenny.

Next we learnt how to play different rhythms on our drums. Tim told us that we had to look at the Ken Kenny to know what rhythm to do. So we copied the beat.IMG_0267

After that Tim told us how to hold the drum. The trick was to let some air into the drum to have a good sound.

The last part of the lesson was doing a song about people who had finished harvesting and they were celebrating. The students had to do a dance. Clap, clap, push, push, they were the moves.

By Lilly


On Wednesday the 11th March, 3/4B and 3/4S had an African drumming incursion. The drumming teachers name was Tim.

When Tim was drumming and we weren’t, we could all feel the vibrations through the floor. It felt weird.

In the middle of it he sang all of us an African song and we all thought it was a weird song. None of us liked it.

We were all clicking, clapping, singing and slapping our legs and knees. Tim was from Inrhythm. We loved it. At the end all of our hands were really sore.

My time to say good bye, see you later everybody.IMG_0276

By Mellony



On Friday the 20th of February Frankston East Primary School went to the beach called Canadian Bay. Each class left at different times, my class 3/4B left about 9 30am.

When it was time to go everyone was so excited. When we got outside, the bus was waiting for us. I sat near the back next to Matilda.

It took ages to get there, well for me. We finally got there. When   I   got out I could see my sister waving at me so I waved back.

We had to walk to the actual rock pools but when I saw the rocks Matilda and I went rushing to the rocks. It took a while to find some crabs but finally we found a crab.

Then it was recess I sat on the steps near Matilda. Then it was time to make sand sculptures. In my group was Matilda, Lilly and mine and Matilda’s sisters.

By Carla


On Friday the 20/2/2015 we went to Canadian Bay Mt Eliza. We left around 9.30ish. Our grade went on the school bus.

When we arrived at the rock pools we found sea stars, crabs and sea urchins.

After that we made sand castles, Ky and two other people won it. Then we ate recess, then went back to school.

I felt happy at the beach. I liked finding the sea stars, crabs and the sea urchins. I didn’t like it when we left the beach.

This was the best time ever.

By Scott


On Friday the 20th February 2015 we went to Canadian Bay beach  at Mt Eliza. We went on a bus. The whole school went there at 9:30 am.

When we got there the teachers told us some rules. Then we went into the rock pools. There were three rock pools that we could go into and look for crabs and starfish. I went with Tatiana and her little sister Tanisha.

When we came back from the rock pools we ate our snack. I sat next to Tatiana I had popcorn water and an apple.

After snack we did a sand castle competition. Some other people and I didn’t join in. Ky and some other people in the group won. Tatiana and I watched Monique and Cadence and Tatiana’s little sister.

I had fun at the beach and I’m sure other people did as well. The prize for winning the sand castle competition was playing the x box 360.

By Matthew


On Friday 20th of February the whole school (Frankston East Primary School) went to Canadian Bay beach in Mt Eliza. We left school at about 9:30ish on a bus and it took a little while longer than I thought it would take.

When we got there we all went looking for crabs, starfish and other animals that live in rock pools. I had a bucket and I found lots of crabs and a few starfish.

After that we had recces. I ate a packet of twisties and sat up on the steps.

Once we had all finished eating we did a sandcastle competition. Carla, Lilly and I made a rainbow fish. Carla’s sister Shanell got some pretty looking rocks for scales but Ky, Antonio, Molang, Jordan and Lani won.

I really liked beach day this year!!!! My favourite thing was finding crabs.

By Matilda


On Friday 20th February 2015 Frankston East Primary School went to a beach called Canadian Bay in Mt Eliza. We left at about 9.30am and the whole school went. Our transportation was a bus.

When we got there we had to put our basket full of snacks down somewhere. Then we went straight to the rock pools. I was walking with my friend Gabby. We found crabs and sea stars. Gabby found a medium and small crabs. I found a big sea star, a tiny one, and the rest were just medium and small.

For snack I had twisties, an apple, and that’s all I remember. We all had to sit while eating. I was sitting with Blake, Akilesh, Scott and Mellony. We were sitting near Mrs Hazzledine and the snack basket.

At the end I felt happy, tired and exhausted. My favourite part of the day was when Gabby accidently stepped in a big puddle because she wasn’t looking were she was going.

By Chinta


On Friday 20th February 2015 we went to Canadian Bay or you can call it Mt Eliza Beach.   Almost most of the whole of Frankston East Primary School went. We went on the bus. We left 9:30’ish.

When we arrived we walked all the to the rock pools.   Blake, Jed, Mac, Steven and I helped to find sea creatures.

Blake brought the containers then we could put sea creatures the inside. We started to find the sea creatures. We got some crabs and a few big starfish but lots of tiny starfish.

We found sea snails and shells we didn’t find many crabs. Then we went back to recces. I had some apples and leftover lollies. Then we had the sand castle competition. Jed and I made an octopus. People kept on destroying it. We had a wall around and a castle around it. Then before we went back to school they destroyed it totally.

I had fun at the beach. Except when our octopus was destroyed. But it was great!!!! Especially when we had icy poles. I can’t wait to go next year.

By Akilesh


On Friday the 20th of February 2015 the whole of Frankston East Primary School went Canadian Bay for beach day.

When we got there by the bus we set up our lunch and went straight to the rock pools to find crabs starfish and other sea creatures. Then we came back and ate our recess. While we were eating Mr O said, “Whoever wants to join a sandcastle competition come over here.” I didn’t join the sandcastle competition.

In the end I ended up watching Brian make a fish. I felt excited.

By Jack


The whole school went to Canadian Bay Beach on Friday.

When I was in the rock pool I saw a spider crab. I held it and put it back. It had really big legs. I loved that creature.

When we were done all of us had a snack and they were delicious. When Cathy dropped her mango I decided to give her one of my cheese sticks.

We saw kids building sand castles like big ones and small ones. They were so cool.

Going to the beach made me happy because I love the beach.

By Darci


From Australia to Texas via Skype

Today grade 3/4B skyped Field Store Elementary school in Texas.  Lots of us thought it was really cool because it was like we were talking to the past because it was 9.45am on Wednesday here and over in America it was 4.45pm Tuesday.

They start school in between 8.00 and 8.30am and finish about 2.00pm.  We skyped them in their after school care, they were with their maths teacher Mr Nesloney.  Their school is much bigger than ours, they have 600 students, 70 staff and 2 playgrounds (they only have two because they are big).  They don’t wear school uniform.

They also call prep kindergarten.  They start of with 3, 4, and 5 year olds at pre-school (kinder), then move up to elementary school (primary school) after that middle school (year 6, 7, 8) then up to high school.

Have you ever used Skype before?

Sam C (gr 4)

Today we skyped a call in Texas called Field Store Elementary school.  They had 600 kids, 70 staff and two big playgrounds. It was 4.45pm on Tuesday in Texas and 9.45am on Wednesday for us here!  Their teachers name was Mr Nesloney.  They were having after school care.  Some of their Wildlife are deers, bears and armadillos.  They have kindergarten up to year 6.  They do not wear school uniform.  They sounded different to us.  It would have taken us about 3 or 4 days to get to America in an airplane.

Have you ever done a Skype call to America before?

Jade C (gr 4)

Today we Skyped Texas.  We first of all looked at the time.  It was 4.45pm on Tuesday, they are one day before us.  Then we got to know them.  They have two playgrounds and 70 staff.  I found out that Texas people say “y’all” and that Texas is across the ocean.

They were in year 5 and they have desktop computers.  Their school was called Field Store Elementary.  I hope we Skype them again.

What do you think about Skype?

Hannah M (gr 3)

Today 3/4B Skyped FSES.  They were in Texas.  When we Skyped them it was 9.45am Wednesday our time and it was 4.45pm their time.

They have 600 kids and 70 staff.  Also when we skyped them they were having an after school program.  They had two playgrounds.  Their teacher’s name was Mr Nesloney.  The animals they have were bears, deers, cows, sheep and armadillos.

One of the questions they asked were “What music do you listen to?”  I said “My favourite song was Turn up the Music, by Chris Brown”.

Please comment and have a nice day.

Keanu F (gr 4)

Today we Skyped Field Store Elementary and they were in grade 5.  They had 600 kids and they had 2 playgrounds.  We asked “what songs do you like?” and one of them said they like “Boo” and “One Direction”. …

…We were talking about how we have to watch out for kangaroos on the highway and they said they have to watch out for deers.

Kalani B (gr 3)

Our class had a skype call to Texas.  We all got to ask questions and we found out that their school has 600 kids and 70 staff.  Their school is called Field Store Elementary.  Their teacher’s name is Mr Nesloney.

They don’t wear school uniform like us.  They also don’t have Australia Day, of course, because they live in Texas.  This is what I didn’t know, I didn’t know they had grizzly bears.

What do you think?

Lily R (gr 4)

The F.E.A.S.T!

Narrators in the performance.On the 11/09/12 our whole school participated in the F.E.A.S.T. F.E.A.S.T stands for Frankston East Annual Student Theatre. We had to arrive at the George Jenkins Theatre at 07:00pm (wearing our costumes and make-up to blend in with the bright lights), and the show started at 07:30pm. Each grade had practiced their show to perform that night during the whole day! The 5/6 grades did a few comedy sketches, they were really funny! Our Grade (3/4) did a mixed fairytales play, and the other 3/4 grade sung some funny songs from Song drops. The Grade preps-grade twos were singing songs too. To your left you can see an image of narrators performing, they were telling the story of little red riding hood. Those were children from our 3/4 grade. We all had a great time performing to all parents, and I hope all parents enjoyed our performance!

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